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A new blog I made to keep track of images I find inspiring. 

Illustration, patterns, paintings, boys, puppies, and pizzas curated by me. 


Look at these super hip photos of the invites I designed with Jolly Edition !!!

"Stephanie Shafer’s custom stationery is bold, clean and modern. Her compelling compositions are impossible to forget and will be a perfect introduction to any celebration."

More photos (and more stationery!) available to view at their etsy store, where you can also check out wonderful work by Emma Block, Elizabeth Graeber, Emmeline Pidgen, Kate Harnett, Kate Wilson, Lesser Gonzalez, and Laura Shema.

I’ve been anticipating posting these for so long! Fun wedding stationery I’ve made in collaboration with the really nice people at Jolly Edition. These works (and also my face) will soon be featured on their illustrators page, but here’s a sneak peek in the meantime. 

You can presently view these samples on their etsy store, as while as lots of other really lovely invites made by other equally as lovely illustrators.

been practicing my hand lettering skills! still shakey

Some art I made ages ago and never got around to posting. Boys and flowers 4ever. 

Oh my gosh boys with flowers is a tag that already exists. I didn’t even have to make it up. Amazing. 

More boys with flowers coming soon. 

first illustration of 2014 underway. 

first illustration of 2014 underway. 

One birthstone and one poem for each month of the year! 

These are the traditional Gregorian birthstones, which means you can go on the wikipedia page and read fun poems about your birthstone!

"The February-born shall find

Sincerity and peace of mind,
Freedom from passion and from care,
If they an amethyst will wear.” 

Unfortunately, these won’t be available in my etsy shop until after new years (as I am leaving the state) but for now enjoy the poems and the hastily done but still very sparkly sapphire gif. Cheers and happy holidays! 

Gemstone calendar work in progress. 

Gemstone calendar work in progress. 

New items available in my big cartel store! Woo.


Boards and papers all cut down and ready to be made into little books. 

Boards and papers all cut down and ready to be made into little books.